A Brief Break in Annapolis

A Brief Break in Annapolis

As a working mother and wife, it is so easy to slip into a routine of who is making dinner, picking up the kids from sports practices or putting in late hours in the office that you forget to make time for your partner. This weekend we threw our routine by the wayside and planned an impromptu weekend getaway to Annapolis, Maryland, a cozy, lovely coastal town.

We had a lovely visit. We stayed at Crown Plaza which is newly renovated hotel a few miles from downtown Annapolis.

We were told that the Annapolis Inn is a beautiful five star Inn and has the blessing of Conde Nast, so add it to your list.

Annapolis Inn

Everything we ate was fantastic. I did a bit of research on restaurant options and the following places were highly rated and did not disappoint.

Joss Cafe and Sushi had the best sushi I’ve ever had. It was jammed packed with people and a bit of a wait but it was worth it.

Vida Taco Bar has bomb tacos and margaritas. We grabbed a quick bite here before our late dinner reservation. It has a hippy and California vibe. I had mushroom and cabbage taco.

Run to the Iron Rooster. Their breakfast and lunch options are delish and very vegetarian friendly.

The harbor boat cruise tour was lovely but the best tour was a private tour we had on an electric car with a knowledgeable tour guide. We got a chance to learn about the town’s history including an underground railroad tunnel that helped slaves get to safe passage. We had a quiet and lovely weekend exploring Annapolis and it is definitely on our list to return. 

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