Author: Janet

On finding hygge

Hygge [hoo ga] is a term used by the Danish, who have been hailed as one of the happiest people on earth. The essence of hygge is creating a warm, simple space both physically and mentally especially in the cold, blue days of winter. Here’s a good definition of hygge: […]

Friday Exhale | No. 4

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings:  I started my week stumbling upon this wonderful poem by Rumi. A newbie starting a new job this week asked for a few questions to help assimilate into the team.  Here are a few questions I recommended that you might […]

Friday Exhale | No. 3

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings:  I am at the tail-end of a busy performance reviews season at work. A few tips for the self-assessment form. The self-assessment review is NOT the time to be shy and humble; self promote your work shamelessly on the review […]

Friday Exhale | No. 2

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings: Friday exhale I came across this really good exercise for those moments at work where you are jumping from one item to the next. Fast forward to 23:40. Release. Release. Release. Fall recipes that look divine and will be on […]

Be your own healer. This book will help.

This book is blowing my mind. There are so many healing herbs right at our fingertips to alleviate stress, leaky gut, anxiety, insomnia, and so much more. This book provides simple and accessible recipes, definitions, and uses for an array of healing herbs. Add this to your Amazon cart right […]

Friday Exhale | No. 1

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings: Friday exhale Another busy work week comes to a close. My workplace was humming and busy per usual. A practice that came in handy this week to prep for meetings was taking 10 minutes before each conference meeting/call to write […]

What’s in my ear buds?

I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to a book a week on audible during my commute to work. No more listening to NPR, news, or some of my beloved podcasts. While I love a good podcast, there’s nothing better than cutting out the middle man and going straight to […]

Sit in Silence

Mindfulness. Meditation. Silence. These words all mean the same thing but lately my preference is to use the word silence. Silence is accessible and simple to wrap your mind around in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information. Creating intentional moments of deep silence is quite effective in […]

Stressed at work? Stock up on Magnesium

Recently, I’ve been working with traditional and naturopathy doctors to address a health issue. Through this experience, I learned that magnesium is so important for our health especially for those who are in high stress jobs or stressful periods in their lives. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share […]

Summer Days ’17

A few memories summer 2017: Celebrated my 40th birthday with a bike ride in wine country and a wine tour with family and friends. It was perfect and lovely. We made our annual trek to the Outer Banks. I could only make it for a few days due to a […]


I’ve spent time away from the blog this summer trying to decide what I want to do with this space. I know in my heart there’s a need for NotesFromHR to help people build their confidence at work but I am not entirely sure blogging is the best avenue. I […]

On Working Motherhood

Being a working mom is messy and uneven. Somedays your employer wins the coin toss and your children lose out. It is a constant back and forth. The pendulum never really stops swinging. Over the years I’ve learned to relax into the rhythm of the pendulum and focus on creating […]

Notes on Barcelona Trip

The second leg of our Europe trip was in Barcelona. We learned from our visit to Paris to just relax and throw out the itinerary. We did manage to do three structured activities – day trip to Sitges, a cooking class and a bike tour. Sitges We drove straight from the airport […]

Notes on Paris Trip

Repeat after me, vacationing is self-care. You have to jump off the work treadmill at least once each quarter. To that end, I recently spent 10 days in Europe, 5 of which were spent in Paris and the remaining days in Barcelona.     Quite frankly, planning this trip gave me […]