Author: Janet

Office tips for first-timers

My top tips for recent college grads working in an office environment for the first time: 1. Put your phone away and only use it during lunch hour. Being on your phone makes you look unfocused and uncommitted. 2. Complete tasks given fast and with little errors. As a manager, […]

Tough Interview Questions and How to Nail Them

I am often asked for the best answers to tough interview questions. Here are a few tough questions and tips on how to nail them! Tell me about yourself? Don’t start with “I was born in….” “I am from…” it is not helpful information no matter how much the interviewer smiles […]

Why Notes From HR

In recent years inspiring and nurturing spaces for people of color has taken flight and soared. These spaces celebrate our unique attributes, history, fashion, literature, and sense of adventure. While there are many spaces celebrating our natural hair, discussing social and political issues and fashion, there are limited forums for […]