February Career To-Do’s

February Career To-Do’s

Managing your career should be tackled in small daily and monthly actions for long-term success. Notes From HR monthly to-do’s are actions you can do in small bites.

February is ripe with opportunities to lose the fire in the belly spirit the month of January swept in. There’s something about the month of February that makes it hard to drum up motivation, especially if you live in cold weather states. I get it – do your best to get through this list.

  • Make it a daily habit to read newspapers not just blogs. The Trump Administration is on another level and you need up to date clear information on what industries or regulations are on their target list that may impact your career field. Download the app Feedly and add the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, The Hill, Politico, Business Week and LA Times to get to up to date political news. Read the headlines each morning. Bonus – you will come across well-informed around the water cooler.
  • Start a Trump Fund. Seriously, you just might lose your job under this administration. Begin setting aside money towards at least a three months safety net fund. And if you are on Obamacare, your health insurance coverage is on the line so the fund may come in handy.
  • Wrap up one of the work goals you created with your boss at the beginning of the year. If you created a bunch of goals with your manager as part of the goal setting process for 2017, get one of them done and out of the way by the end of February. Clear it off your desk and show your manager you are banging things out. Be sure to send your manager a summary of the accomplished tasks related to your goals via email (put it in writing). Sample email script: Hi ___, I wanted to give you an update on the ___ goal we discussed on___(date). I’ve completed the following tasks/deliverables related to ___ goal (provide bulleted list). I’d like to set up time with you on___date to get feedback. 
  • This month’s read – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. I have an hour long commute to the office in the city so I love to listen to audio books via Audible on topics related to career/personal development. I just finished this book and it has chock full of nuggets on how to approach work, problems, situations, and challenges without losing sight of what is important to you. My favorite quote – “Life is full of one problem after the other. The goal is to figure out which problems you are willing to spend time solving.”


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