Friday Exhale | No. 3

Friday Exhale | No. 3

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings: 

I am at the tail-end of a busy performance reviews season at work. A few tips for the self-assessment form.

  1. The self-assessment review is NOT the time to be shy and humble; self promote your work shamelessly on the review form so that your manager can speak to your work. Give him or her the words on your work. Go on and on about your work. Brevity is not your friend in this instance.
  2. Be sure to share credit and name drop others who have helped you be successfully during the review period.

I had major surgery this week. It was mind altering in so many ways. Life is precious, folks. Live your best life, this is all temporary.

I am taking this online herbal stress management course and it is so good. The course covers foods and herbs that aid stress management as well as lifestyle activities. The course also delves into physical and mental anatomy of stress. The surgery I had is stress induced so I’ve been obsessed with stress management techniques lately.

This article is a good read about how stress manifests in our lives and how we can dismantle the cycle.

What I am reading as my pre-bedtime routine. I love badass woman stories, especially nonwestern women.

This pillow spray concoction has been helping me fall asleep. Here’s the recipe.

Place the following in spray bottle:

  • 1 oz distilled water
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil

Shake spray bottle and spray a few drops onto pillow and bed linens. My ten year old loves it when I spray his pillow before bed, he swears it helps him sleep, too.

Till next week!


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