Friday Exhale | No. 4

Friday Exhale | No. 4

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings: 

I started my week stumbling upon this wonderful poem by Rumi.

A newbie starting a new job this week asked for a few questions to help assimilate into the team.  Here are a few questions I recommended that you might find useful:

  1. What are we trying to create as a team?
  2. Can you describe the current state and the desired state?
  3. What would it take to close the gap?
  4. What are unstated cultural norms and practices here?
  5. What happens when people go against the grain or act outside the norms?
  6. Is it okay to question decisions once they are made?
  7. How are mistakes handled? How are people recognized for a job well done?

These thoughtful questions will position you to get a peek at the inner workings of the team and you will come across prepared.

I saw an IG post pushing people to complete their 2017 goals before the year ended. It made me wonder who made December 31st the goal line. Screw it, after Thanksgiving Dinner, put your legs up and go easy on yourself for the rest of the year. What if we just closed loose ends and just eased out of 2017 with quietness, peacefulness, and connecting with friends and family with no agenda. You are worthy of rest.

This adrenal tonic tea taste delicious with a touch of honey and is a go to tea to ward off holidays/year-end stress.

A cozy soup I will be making this Sunday.

I am looking forward to a vegan Friendsgiving dinner with family and friends this weekend. My mantra for rest of the 2017 calendar year is…family and friends time above all else. 



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