Friday Exhale | No. 1

Friday Exhale | No. 1

A weekly round-up of lessons learned, finds, interests, and musings: Friday exhale

Another busy work week comes to a close.

My workplace was humming and busy per usual. A practice that came in handy this week to prep for meetings was taking 10 minutes before each conference meeting/call to write just five key points I wanted to get across in the meetings. Very helpful in gathering my thoughts and minimizing stress.

I spent quite a bit of time listening to this podcast. Got me motivated to sit on the floor more, more walking during the day, being mindful of how much time I spend sitting in my office desk. Loved the podcast episode on limiting social media. Did you know there’s a tool that can turn off your Wi-Fi in your home at a particular time? What a fresh idea – set controls around what periods internet is accessible in your home. My kids are about to get really upset with me.

I started reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’s latest book. I grin to ear to ear and nod to myself as I absorb his words. First impression of the book: he’s capturing this second Harlem renaissance we’ve been experiencing since circa 2005.

I cut my hair. I am nearly bald. I feel naked, vulnerable and open. Just the look I was going for.




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