I’ve spent time away from the blog this summer trying to decide what I want to do with this space. I know in my heart there’s a need for NotesFromHR to help people build their confidence at work but I am not entirely sure blogging is the best avenue. I am a bit tired of the five ways or ten ways to do this or that to be great articles. These articles are not enough.

Career success is so unique and no one journey looks alike. So rather than dole out prescriptive advice, I want to share stories. I want others to share stories of their journey to give inspiration and hope to others. I am not sure how to do that at this juncture so I am spending my time enjoying the summer, sharing what I feel like sharing in the moment on IG. Paying no mind to staying within brand or whatever nonsense is hailed as good practice. Today I shared a picture of an egg from the farmer’s market on IG. No connection to careers, but it’s part of my daily story. Here’s to just living and telling our stories to inspire and connect.

Oh, I’ve been reading too. Here’s a 100 book reading list.

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