My Mantra for 2016

My Mantra for 2016

I sidestepped the zeal of creating an expansive new year resolutions this calendar year. Instead I opted to set an intention, a mantra for the year. That mantra is “less talk, more action.” Basically, doing all the shit I’ve been talking about for decades.

For years I’ve come up with excellent ideas, dissected them with my family and friends. Some I pursued half-heartedly and others I abandoned all together. But a few ideas have nagged me for years. Those ideas center around helping people of color succeed in the workplace and helping Africans in a meaningful way. I’ve made some strides in the latter through my nonprofit Guiding the Journey, which has helped African students in America access higher education.


While that work was rewarding, there are now many organizations fulfilling that need and today’s African students are more resourceful than the students we began helping in 2007. My focus now is engaging young people in Elmina, Ghana through my campaign Jewels for Books.

In the spirit of “less talk, more action” in January I launched Jewels for Books and formally established Notes from HR. I invested my own money and got down to business and worked with Ghanaian jewelry designers to create unique handmade jewelry pieces to sell. We are now up and running with new jewelry being added to our site every week. The proceeds will go directly to building a library the town of Elmina in Ghana. Elmina is a simple, beautiful, peaceful fishing town off the coast. It is home for me.

Additionally, giving life to Notes from HR has been on my mind for decades. For years I tossed around the idea of a blog, podcasts, meetups, symposiums, conferences, articles, speeches, and books all focused on bringing attention and meaningful advice and support to people of color in workplaces everywhere. So….”less talk, more action,” right? I am launching this blog as a step in the right direction. I have so many ideas for this space and on this topic. I am excited about putting pen to paper and delving into this much needed topic. Oh, the places we will go.

Here’s to an action-oriented 2016.

“Go all in!”

With love, Janet

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  1. Hey, I found you on IG. More like you liked my pictures and I stalked your page and decided to follow you lol. I saw that you have a blog and I came to read it. I have not gotten around to all your posts yet but I can’t wait to read them (especially the HR ones) . I saw something about jewels for books on your IG page and I figured you would talk about it on your blog hence why it is the first post I am reading. I love that you are giving back to Ghana & your main focus being a safe place for children to read and play. I hope to do something similar some day.
    P.S : I love how you type “shit” on your blog. I thought I was the only one that do that on blog posts/social media.

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