Notes from the Women’s March

Notes from the Women’s March

My oldest daughter’s college basketball team played against Drexel University last weekend, so I found myself in Philly for both the game and the Women’s March.

IMG_3357Quite honestly I went to the March out of curiosity. I was ambivalent about the March when I heard about it months ago via Facebook. It felt like another feminist protest that discounted intersectional issues related to class, race, and sexual orientation so I had no intention of attending the DC Women’s March.

DSC_3380I was surprised to discover that the March was very inclusive and focused on issues outside of the typical reproductive rights tug of war.

IMG_3351Although most of the protesters were not people of color, they proudly held signs giving nod to the issues facing minorities and immigrants.

The best way to describe the March is: cathartic. It was cathartic because the election left me wondering if Americans really cared about issues facing minorities and immigrants. But I saw a different side of America represented at the March. It was a hopeful America, where families with young children on their shoulders came out in full support of women, race, and immigrant issues. They too dreamed of a better America. And for that I was hopeful. I was encouraged and a bit of the anger and frustration that had built up during the election cycle dissipated.

The best part of the March was attending it with one of my daughters. I took her to her first Women’s March fourteen years ago when she was only two years old. This time around she will remember the moment and form her own thoughts and framework around women issues. I am grateful for these moments.

With love, Janet.


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