Notes on Grounding Activities as the World Shifts

Notes on Grounding Activities as the World Shifts

I am not alone in feeling a bit topsy turvy since inauguration. As if this event was not enough, it was immediately followed up with daily assault on our emotions via executive orders. While my committment to being actively engaged in the direction of this country is at an all time high; I am well aware of the physical and mental toll involved with paying attention to the tomfoolery at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I am sensing a social shift in this country and my intuition is telling me to slow down a bit and focus on grounding activities.

I recently spent a weekend framing artwork purchased during my travels that has been rolled up since they left the airport.

I am spending more time in my home library, reading, writing, and listening to Alex Elle’s playlist.

I had the urge to plant greenery, so I planted succelents and pruned old plants. The act of planting is incredibly meditative and grounding.

Doing yoga, cycling and solidCore classes has helped me turndown the brain chatter volume. Snuggling with this little guy helps too.

You may be wondering how does all of this relate to the work experience since this is a career blog. Everything. Being self-aware of how external factors are impacting your psyche and listening to what your body needs in order to develop self-care/coping strategies is critically to the work experience. We go to work with our whole selves and if we are feeling out of sorts, it shows up in our work.

Being self aware is key to being able to reframe and find your focus. We are in transition as a country and the changes coming down the pike will impact us all one way or the other. Engaging in grounding activities will keep stress at bay and help you gain a sense of control.


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  1. Christann Chanell

    This is so beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank you for your gifts. <3

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