Get Familiar with these Office Buzzwords

Get Familiar with these Office Buzzwords

College graduation is behind us and getting that first office job is on the radar. There’s a host of issues to navigate in a first job, top of the list is office language. Each office, industry, geography has its own office lingo. Getting up to speed quickly on office lingo can minimize feeling lost. Here are a few office centric vocabulary/definitions to boost your communication skills:

Wheelhouse – a skill within one’s area of expertise or interest.

Ex. Excel is not in my wheelhouse. 

Delta – What is the change. The difference between before and after.

Ex. What is the delta?

Peeling the Onion – pulling layers away to get to root answer.

Low hanging fruit – easy wins.

Deep dive – Mapping out a project or issue in great detail

Sync up/Tag up – get together to hold a meeting or get on the same page

Ex. Let’s sync up on the proposal before sending it out. 

Pain point – a part of a process or an issue that is causing annoyance or problem.

Eat what you kill – generating revenue or business on your own and then enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Ecosystem – different parts of a company or system that work seamlessly together.

Take that offline – let’s meet later one-on-one to discuss rather than in front of the whole group.

Working in silo – when different groups or divisions aren’t working together as a unit.

One-off – a unique situation that is not the norm. An outlier.

Bandwidth – having the capacity or time to get handle something.

Ex. Do you have the bandwidth to take on another assignment?

Tee it up – set the stage, to start or begin

Deck – PowerPoint slides.

360 evaluation – written or verbal feedback your office peers and managers will give about your performance.

Herding cats – getting a point across that coordinating and trying to get coworkers on the same page is difficult like herding a bunch of cats (cats are traditionally independent).

Vantage point – standpoint from which something is considered or viewed.

Ex. From my vantage point, this project is not going in the right direction.

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