Office tips for first-timers

Office tips for first-timers

My top tips for recent college grads working in an office environment for the first time:


1. Put your phone away and only use it during lunch hour. Being on your phone makes you look unfocused and uncommitted.

2. Complete tasks given fast and with little errors. As a manager, there’s nothing more frustrating then chasing you for a status update or having to re-do your work.

3. Pose only high quality questions to your manager. Don’t ask basic questions you can find the answer to by speaking with the receptionist or a colleague. Basically don’t ask your new manager how to operate the copy machine.

4. Ask your manager often if there’s anything you can take off his or her plate. This is huge! The best employees are the individuals who proactively find ways to be helpful rather than waiting to be told what to do next.

5. Read the company’s website and intranet inside out so you can learn the company’s lingo, products and services. Once you know the lingo and services those long Monday mornings will make more sense.

6. Ask your manager for a once a month 20 minutes meeting to chat about your progress and upcoming projects. During those meetings, ask for feedback. Ask what you are doing well and what could you do better.

7. Make sure you shop for office appropriate attire before starting the job.

8. Don’t be afraid to wear your natural hair all day and everyday. Don’t even second guess yourself.

“Go all in!”

With love, Janet



  1. So refreshing to read a blog that is not natural hair based or life style based (nothing against those type of blogs. I have one myself) . I just feel like this is a different type of blog that is contributing to my life in a more positive way. I have been in the work field for a while so I do know some of this stuff but it is great to read something that reminds me of them.

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