On bedtime and morning habits

On bedtime and morning habits

Recently, I’ve been making a few small changes to my daily routine to improve the likelihood I will go to bed earlier and wake up more refreshed. The returns has been tremendous.

My cell phone is now banned from my bedroom in the evenings. This is key. I’ve been using social media as a clutch to unwind after work. But I am not really unwinding, in fact it has been keeping me up late which in turn leads to waking up feeling groggy. So I now leave my cell phone on our second floor away from my bedroom and use my watch for my morning alarm. No phone in the room leads to not scrolling down my feed when I can’t fall asleep right away and no waking up in the morning to scroll before getting ready for work.

Read a grammar book to fall asleep. A coworker shared this tidbit. She was having trouble falling asleep and also wanted to polish up on her grammar skills. She learned that grammar books are the perfect antidote for those who have trouble calming their thoughts before falling asleep. It really works and you do remember the few pages you managed to read before falling asleep. Unless grammar books gets your juices going, it is a perfect bedtime ritual to put away the thoughts of the day and fall into a good sleep and learn about conjunctive verbs.

Journal before getting out of bed in the A.M. I literally roll over and begin journaling as soon as I wake up. Journaling in the morning has allowed me to approach the day with a relaxed and hopeful manner. We all go to bed with so many thoughts and wake up with angst or excitement about the day. Writing down my thoughts, hopes for the day, and listing two or three items I want to accomplish during the day has been powerful. It sets the tone for the day and puts your mind at rest.

What habits have you incorporated in your routine?

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