Tough Interview Questions and How to Nail Them

Tough Interview Questions and How to Nail Them

I am often asked for the best answers to tough interview questions. Here are a few tough questions and tips on how to nail them!

Tell me about yourself?

Don’t start with “I was born in….” “I am from…” it is not helpful information no matter how much the interviewer smiles or shares that they are from your hometown.

Do describe how you approach work, your work ethic, past accolades and give specific examples:

I am someone who goes to great lengths to get the work done. I am known to my colleagues as a self-starter and a go-getter. For example when I worked at company X, I created a system that streamlined our operations. I identified a problem and created a plan to resolve it.

In this example you are putting your best self forward by sharing your attributes and giving specific examples to back it up.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? (The dreaded question)

Don’t say you are a perfectionist or “I work too hard,” the recruiter’s eye balls are rolling in their heads when they hear this! We’ve heard that line a gazillion times!

Do be honest about your strengths and use lots of action oriented adjectives to describe them and give examples to back it up, e.g. “I am incredibly good at excel,” or “I have an amazing ability to dissect a problem and come up with solutions. For example, company X was faced with this specific issue and I solved it by doing X.”

When responding to the weaknesses question, identify a real weakness but not one that is so key to the job description that it will boot you out of the running. For example, “I do not excel in Math. It has never been my strong suit, but I continue to work on that.” Sharing a weakness shows your humanity and honesty. It’s refreshing to interviewers and they will typically respond with empathy.

More interview tips to come!

“Go all in!”

With love, Janet 

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