Showing up at work

Showing up at work

Definition of showing up: bringing all of your positive energy, warmth, attention and sense of passion to a given situation.

I’ve seen talented employees lose a lot of ground because of their inability to bring a sense of personality, passion, laser focus and high energy to the workplace.  I get it. It is hard to bring your best self to the workplace when we face so many subtle and not so subtle biases. But you have to get around these roadblocks. It is holding you back and closing doors of opportunity. Below are a few tips to help you turn the corner:

  1. When asked for your opinion in a meeting, give your honest opinion and look directly and confidently at questioner. Do not waffle or look sheepishly around the room.
  1. Look engaged in meetings. Always look directly at the person who has the floor. Give slight nods to points he or she makes that resonate with you.
  1. Talk with passion and unabashed enthusiasm when discussing a part of the job that gets your juices flowing, especially during a presentation. Tell people you love the subject area. Be animated (not to the point of cray cray) but to that point where you inspire people with your enthusiasm. I guarantee you, that display of enthusiasm will open the doors for others at work to mentor you and/or select you to join their team to work on that area you love.
  1. Approach everything you do at work with a sense of urgency, classify everything as important. People are marked down on performance reviews for failing to respond to emails on a timely manner or taking too long to get back to colleagues. Don’t be that person. Get back to everyone in the same day the message was received, even if it is a brief email saying you are working on it.
  1. Be consistent at work, always give your colleagues a cheery good morning when you come in, even when your morning sucks. Be consistent. I can’t tell you how often managers recognize positive and outgoing employees with exciting new projects. I’ve seen people promoted as a result of their technical abilities and good nature personality.
  1. Raise your hand regularly to volunteer for company initiatives such as the focus group HR is running, company sponsored community service, planning the company picnic or holiday party or any other projects in the office. Your involvement in company initiatives will not go unnoticed.

Try one or more of these tips each day next week!

“Go all in!”

With love, Janet

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