Summer Days ’17

Summer Days ’17

A few memories summer 2017:

Celebrated my 40th birthday with a bike ride in wine country and a wine tour with family and friends. It was perfect and lovely.

We made our annual trek to the Outer Banks. I could only make it for a few days due to a major work event, but the few days there were just what the doctor ordered – sun, sand, and lots of wine on the deck. We also took our annual white shirt family picture.

I finally made it to New Orleans. I ate gumbo twice a day for good measure. The spirit of that place reminds me of Elmina, Ghana. It felt eerily like home, as if I had been there before in another life.

On my flight back from home, my flight nearly crashed. Ever since that fateful day, my perspective on life has shifted dramatically. My memories are now: before the near death experience and after. My mediation and yoga practice were instrumental in working through this experience.

And I got my yoga teacher certification in August after five long months of studying and classes. Yoga teacher training will go down as one of my top five life shifting events.

Alex celebrated her sweet 16th with a party bus full of teens, dinner and arcade. I outsourced the planning to a party planner and it was a life saver.

We got in one summer concert – J Cole. One of best performances I’ve ever seen. I see you Cole.

And of course we spent a lot of time downtown at Carl’s Ice Cream.

These two know how to cap off a good summer. They made their own swimming pools in the driveway. It was obviously a good summer.


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