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Soft Skills for the ‘Technical-Know-How’ AfriGen

AfriGens win the gold when it comes to technical skills. We are ‘technical-know-how babies’ (where my Nollywood fans at??) when it comes to hard skills that are easy to quantify like reconciling an account ledger or determining the right medication formula for a patient. But when it comes to soft […]

Returning to work after tragic events

It’s Monday and the new workweek beckons even though we are still finding our footing after the tragedies of last week. Many of us spent the weekend connecting with families, marching in protests, participating in healing self-care activities or clicking the unfollow button for many “friends” on social media networks […]

Now blogging at This Afropolitan Life

We are taking this show on the road and we are now blogging at www.thisAfropolitanLife.com. Notes from HR will now be part of This Afropolitan Life. You will continue to read great tips on being successful at work. Be sure to visit www.thisafropolitanlife.com/career to subscribe and follow Notes from HR […]

Why African Immigrant Students Keep Winning

Published on Face2Face Africa  During the recent graduation season, a number of African immigrant students were lauded for receiving scholarships to Ivy League institutions, graduating in significant numbers and leading the pace in graduation levels compared to other immigrant groups. There are reasons why first-generation African immigrants are winning the […]

Let’s talk salary negotiations

As published on Matermea.com Most people, but especially women and minorities, aren’t very good at negotiating a good starting salary. For some, negotiating a salary and asking for more money is a hand-wringing, sweaty palm, stuttering mess of a process. It’s natural to be nervous, but I encourage you to […]

Building your career brand

What is career brand?  Your career brand is your identity at work. It is what you are known for and what makes you memorable.  Additionally, it is a promise of the value you have to offer to your colleagues and the company. Today’s job market is very competitive, so having […]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  As published on Mater Mea  FINDING YOUR CONFIDENCE AS A PERSON OF COLOR IN HOMOGENOUS WORKPLACES CAN BE DIFFICULT, BUT IT ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE. Open any popular business magazine and you’ll find at least one article lamenting the lack of diversity in the workplace. The statistics are hard to take […]

Office tips for first-timers

My top tips for recent college grads working in an office environment for the first time: 1. Put your phone away and only use it during lunch hour. Being on your phone makes you look unfocused and uncommitted. 2. Complete tasks given fast and with little errors. As a manager, […]

Why Notes From HR

In recent years inspiring and nurturing spaces for people of color has taken flight and soared. These spaces celebrate our unique attributes, history, fashion, literature, and sense of adventure. While there are many spaces celebrating our natural hair, discussing social and political issues and fashion, there are limited forums for […]